Business Law

The Austin business lawyer must keep up with the Austin business landscape, property law, contracts, idea protection and ownership issues which is a busy and constantly changing area. The term “commercial law”, “transactional practice” or “business law” encompasses the broad areas of business transactions, employment law, employee manuals, commerce, business relationships, partnerships, limited partnerships, taxation, consumer transactions and their related negotiations and dispute resolution. Formation of corporations, LLC’s, review of contracts and real estate transactions are frequent areas involved in this area of law. The firm has a wealth of experience in business and has developed a knowledge base in a number of commercial fields, including:

  • Business Formation
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Contracts
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation
  • Appeals

Many of the critical decisions related to commercial law in Austin are a team effort based on the client’s knowledge of the Austin business market forces and its own business plans, the attorney’s knowledge of legal ramifications of decisions, an understanding of the parties’ relative leverage, legal and structural history of the business and a tax planner that assists both the attorney and the business owner client with tax implications of the decisions being made.

It should be noted that we refer out clients to tax lawyers and tax professionals, to the extent the party does not have an existing relationship.

If you have an Austin commercial transaction, a business idea for the Austin market, a real estate contract or closing in Hays County, Williamson County or Travis County (or the surrounding areas), intellectual property protection issue (like copyright or trademark protection) or a real estate, sales, or vendor contract needing review, contact Marc Lippincott for an appointment.