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The Real Estate law practice in Austin, Texas involves all aspects of transactions and litigation involving rights in land. Included in this practice area are such diverse issues to be handled by a lawyer as:

  • Texas foreclosures and workout agreements;
  • landlord-tenant negotiations;
  • property border disputes;
  • adverse possession rights;
  • title issues involving Real Estate;
  • lien issues and involuntary encumbrances;
  • easements and voluntary encumbrances;
  • purchase and lease contract review involving real estate;
  • real estate development;
  • mortgages and deeds of trust; and
  • real estate closings and their related documents.

As many Texas real estate transactions are "won and lost" in the contract drafting stage, it is important that a seller and a buyer consult not just their sales agent, but also a Texas attorney to review the related documents as many rights and responsibilities are determined well before there is a dispute.

If you have a legal issue related to Real Estate in Austin or the surrounding areas, please contact Marc Lippincott for an appointment to discuss.